You can also expect to take NieR on the road. Square has unveiled NieR Reincarnation, a mobile game for Android and iOS. There’s even less to go by than for the Replicant teaser (the biggest clue is a warning about a place called the Cage), but it could be promising for those moments when you’d rather play curled up in bed than on the couch.

Just don’t expect these to be repeats of NieR: Automata‘s success. Replicant earned a good reputation over time, but it wasn’t as immediately well-received as its successor. And Applibot, the developer for Reincarnation, is mainly known for Japan-oriented games like Blade Xlord and Grimoire A. While it’s too soon how to say how well these titles will perform, they may serve more to mark the anniversary of the series than to push it forward.

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