“Dude, you are so Tiger King right now, you have no idea,” Jimmy Fallon says as Gwen adds a shocking twist to Blake’s style — quarantine got them going crazy!

It turns out that the Sheltons and Stefanis have a very strict schedule under self-isolation at Shelton’s home in Oklahoma. So much so that there was no stopping the haircut that Blake had scheduled with his very busy barber, Gwen. Thus, she had no choice but to bring out the clippers during his interview with Jimmy Fallon.

It was perhaps a “Tonight Show” first, as Blake legitimately got a haircut during his interview, and even took it much further than almost anyone would with his quest to bring back that iconic mullet from his early years in country music. He even told Gwen to shave Jimmy’s initials into the sides.

“Dude, you are so Tiger King right now, you have no idea,” Jimmy declared as Gwen was giving the finishing touches to the “business up front” portion of the classically derided look. Or are mullets legitimately making a comeback? Blake is certainly doing his part, though we’re not sure talk show host initials will ever become part of the look.

Blake was his usual goofy self, agreeing with Jimmy that the days in self-isolation are certainly going by fast with a quick joke. “Oh my gosh they do, they go by so fast,” he said. “Normally it’s because I black out around 5:30 or 6:00.”

When Jimmy said that he seems to be handling the “quarantine” well, Blake shot back, “Is that a joke about my weight?”

In all seriousness, though, this quiet period of adjustment is swiftly coming to an end for Blake, as “The Voice” has to resume production soon.

“What’s scary is we’re going to have to do ‘The Voice’ in some fashion like this,” Blake said, referencing the conference call with Jimmy. “Because obviously the live shows are coming up here in just a matter of weeks, and especially in LA we’re not gonna be ready to have events again.”

As for specifically what that plan is, other than suggesting that he’ll likely be listening to his contestants and coaching them through the computer, Blake admitted producers seem to have a plan, but did not know exactly what it is.

“Gwen’s brother actually set up this computer and this interview and everything for me today because I clearly don’t know how to do this stuff,” he admitted. “So I think they have a plan and they’re going to tell me when to be at the computer.”

“The Voice” kicked off its Knockout round tonight, which will wrap up next week. Then, there’s a “Road to Live Shows” and then it’s time for everyone to see what the plan is.

“American Idol” is in a similar situation, having already delayed the start of their live rounds. They’re in the middle of a two-week stretch of “This Is Me” shows that offer more insight into their Top 20, but then it’ll be time to rip off the band-aid and get a glimpse of how these live productions can adapt to this era (assuming stay-at-home orders remain in effect into May).

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