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As the battle of the various Star Wars critters—Porgs vs. Ewoks vs. Jawas vs. poor ol’ Salacious Crumb, just to name a few—continues to rage, one question has clearly divided the winners from the losers: Can the creature in question be eaten? (Porgs and Crumb: Absolutely. Ewoks: Not so far!) But now we find ourselves forced to admit an absolute spoiler into the ranks of semi-sentient Star Wars beings that everybody’s just kind of cool with chowing down on: Baby Yoda, The Child himself.

This is per ScreenCrush, which reports that Disney has teamed up with General Mills—even though, if we’re being honest, this feels like some pretty specific milling—in order to craft a Baby Yoda cereal that’ll be out later this summer. Featuring spherical, Kix-looking cornpuffs and some Yoda-ish green marshmallows, there’s nothing much to distinguish the Baby Yoda cereal from any Old Yoda cereal you might still have lying around. (As that same ScreenCrush article notes, some very similar marshmallows showed up for the cereals themed around Episode II and Episode III, when Baby Yoda was just a gleam in to very horny Adult Yodas’ eyes.) Still, though: With every spoonful, you’ll be tasting not only craptons of sugar, but also the knowledge that not even The Mandalorian could stop you from making his charge a part of your complete breakfast.

Now: Who will be the first to let us feast on the supple flesh of Babu Frik?

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