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The announcement of the ARMS fighter Min Min for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was presented in the form of a lovely animated trailer. It featured all of her fellow competitors along with the pink puffball Kirby and Captain Falcon – who was slurping down a bowl of ramen.

Towards the end of the broadcast, the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai revealed how his team invited the voice of Captain Falcon – Ryo Horikawa – to help out. Interestingly, this is apparently the first time Mr. Horikawa (known for other characters like Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series) has done a new recording for Smash Bros. since the Nintendo 64 game (released in 1999).

Here’s exactly what Sakurai had to say about this:

We made a new fighter video, in which Captain Falcon is slurping a bowl of ramen. For just that one specific scene, we invited the voice of Captain Falcon, Mr. Ryo Horikawa, to join us. Mr. Horikawa is a very famous voice actor who also voices Vegeta in the Dragon Ball series in Japan.

Since the Nintendo 64 version, we’ve done many voice recordings for the Super Smash Bros. series. However, Captain Falcon is the only voice we haven’t done new recordings for. Except fighters like Yoshi, for which we use pre-recorded assets, of course.

It was a very fun VO session. He mentioned that he still occasionally receives requests from fans such as, “Captain Falcon! Please do Falcon Punch!”

If you wondering where the line for Captain Falcon’s Final Smash came from, Sakurai reminded fans during the broadcast that it was simply a cut line from the Nintendo 64 release, when the Final Smash mechanic didn’t make it into the game:

If we’re using the same Captain Falcon voice from the Nintendo 64 version, some of you may be wondering where the “Come on Blue Falcon!” line for the Final Smash came from. That wasn’t in the Nintendo 64 version. Truth be told, we were actually thinking of incorporating Final Smashes into the Nintendo 64 version during the game’s development. We gave up on that idea. But then, for the third installment of Super Smash Bros., we finally implemented that feature

So – there you have it, new voice recordings for Captain Falcon and some Smash history to go with it. Now if only Captain Falcon’s racing series could make a comeback…We would love to see Mr. Horikawa reprise his role (once again) in a next-generation F-Zero game.

What was your own reaction when you heard Captain Falcon’s voice actor had returned to record the lines for the ARMS fighter video. Would you like to see a new F-Zero? Share your thoughts down below.

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